Every enterprise has a value of its own. Its progression and staff – those are the key elements of success, which are also a reflection of corporate identity. Particularly among small and medium-sized enterprises, the CEOs often have the same name as the company itself.

The skills and competencies required to provide specialized M&A consultancy are as unique as the structure of every enterprise. In each and every case, the goal is to identify and utilize company assets and resources most effectively.

For sales of companies the challenge is to identify the best buyer, who is not always the one with the highest bid, but ideally the one with the best strategic fit.

Our global network of renowned banks enables us to provide world-class company sales services throughout Europe, North America and Asia at a level that is affordable also to small enterprises.

Our Consultancy Services:

  • Documentation (anonymous profiles, information memos)
  • Identification of and liaison with interested buyers
  • Checklists for due dilligence
  • Management presentations
  • Letters of intent
  • Sales contracts
  • Business brokering