The following is a selection of monographs co-authored by KELLER & COLL. staff:

Financing alternatives and changes in M&A and Private Equity in the year 2009

Recent aspects of the M&A business - Yearbook 2010 


Geplündert? Gerettet? Durchgestartet?

Expertenforum Mittelstand 2008 - Wie sich der deutsche Mittelstand durch fremdes Eigenkapital verändert


On the impact of the sub-prime crisis on the SME transactions market
Mergers & Acquisitions Yearbook 2008 (Press)
Mergers & acquisitions among small and medium-sized enterprises
Gabler Verlag - Mittelstand hat Zukunft (Press)
M&A in China
Experiential Reports & Perspectives
Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch / Hg. Kai Lucks (Press)
Foreign Inverstors drive M&A boom among SME in Germany
Mergers & Acquisitions Yearbook 2006 (Press)
M&A Yearbook 2005
Bundesverband Mergers & Acquisitions, FINANCE, ConVent (Press)
Business culture in Spain
Intellectual management guide
Amtliche Spanische Handelskammer Deutschland, Cross-Culture-Communication, IKO - Verlag (Press)
M&A Yearbook 2004
Bundesverband Mergers & Acquisitions, FINANCE, ConVent (Press)
Company evaluation
State-of-the-art tools and solutions
Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag Stuttgart (Press)
Consultants’ Guide 2004
Das Jahrbuch für Beratung und Management, H&T Verlag (Press)
M&A Yearbook 2003
Bundesverband Mergers & Acquisitions, FINANCE, ConVent (Press)
Company evaluation in practice
BranchenMedien Verlag (Press)
Consulting in Germany 2001 – Yearbook
Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch (Press)
Ventrue Capital 2001 - Yearbook
ConVent (Press)
Consulting in Germany 2000 – Yearbook
Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch (Press)
Founding management – Case Studies
Verlag Vahlen (Press)